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Chakra Pride uses memorable characters to help building resilience in children. The Pride is here to remind children of their power. Everything they need or will every need they already have. It’s all about reminding and remembering. Chakra Pride was created to help parents and teachers introduce Mindfulness-Based Social-Emotional Learning (MBSEL) to kids. Chakra Pride educational resources and merchandise show kids their inner “superhero powers”, along with how they can create a beautiful rainbow of colors and shine their brightest!

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Chakra Pride helps equip children with the necessary support to combat stressors

Childhood trauma and toxic stressors have a major impact on our students’ health and wellbeing. Research indicates that “nearly one in three adolescents (ages 13-18) now meets the criteria for an anxiety disorder,” and “32% of teens reported persistent feelings of "sadness or hopelessness". Chakra Pride helps teachers, parents, and caregivers build resiliency and equips children with the necessary support and coping mechanism to combat these stressors. Chakra Pride is a social-emotional learning (SEL) resource for children. According to research, SEL positively impacts a wide range of outcomes, including academic performance and attainment, healthy relationships, mental wellness, career, and more. Children who learn positive coping skills to manage emotions, make good decisions, develop good relationships and avoid risky behaviors.


What is social and emotional learning (SEL)?

We define social and emotional learning (SEL) as an integral part of education and human development, SEL is the process through which children acquire competencies to manage emotions, make good decisions, develop good relationships and avoid risky behaviors . These characters in the chakra pride are a way for children to understand themselves and the world they live in and their place in it. Chakra Pride was created to support the CASEL 5 competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.


The ability to recognize emotions and how they impact your behavior; acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses to better gain confidence in your abilities.


The ability to take control and ownership of your thoughts, emotions, and actions in various situations, as well as setting and working toward goals.

Social Awareness

The ability to put yourself in the shoes of another person who may be from a different background or culture from the one you grew up with.

Relationship Skills

The ability to build and maintain healthy relationships with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. .

Making Responsible Decisions

Choosing how to act or respond to a situation based on learned behaviors such as ethics, safety, weighing consequences and the well-being of others, as well as yourself.

What are Chakras and why they can help your child?

Chakras have been by many culture since ancient times, they are energy centers, associated with the physical, mental, and emotional health of a person. They are connected to our nerves, vital organs and affect our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Often when our emotions are out of balance, these chakras become blocked or unbalanced, which can manifest as illness, aches, or pains in the body. It’s important to know which Chakras are which and how we can balance them. When unblocked and balanced, the chakra helps kids with emotional regulation and build resiliency by increasing their sense of belonging, feeling secure in their bodies and themselves, and increasing feelings of worthiness.

Which chakra do you need ?

Chakras help us cultivate and manage various emotions, limiting patterns, and restore balance.​

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10% of the Chakra Pride proceeds go to help create and sustain Mindfulness-based SEL programs for children

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