Meet the Seven Chakra Lions

✦ Selenite: the crown chakra lion that connects you to the purpose in your life

✦ Amethysts: the third eye chakra lion that shows you the truth, reality, and a passage through hard times

✦ Lapis Lazuli: the throat chakra lion that lets the real you blossom

✦ Rose: the heart chakra lion that shows the deepest love and compassion

✦ Citrine: the solar plexus chakra lion - filling you meaning and a powerful will

✦ Tiger: the sacral chakra lion - sparking creativity and self-expressionl

✦ Onyx: the root chakra lion that inspires us with emotional resilience and inner security

Selenite feels the power of their crown chakra, while Amethyst sees a brighter world through their eye - through seven mighty chakra lions, let your kids discover the hidden power within themselves. Lapis Lazuli notes them the importance of self-expression. Rose will remind them to love themselves, while Citrine and Tiger will make them feel as mighty as a star. But it takes Onyx to let them know: the safety they seek is already within their souls.

The power of uniting chakras

Everything in life is always connected - whether we realize it or not. When we understand the energy inside of us, the connection of our chakra points is where the power lies. Each color from a prism’s spectrum is unique and beautiful, but when combined: a pure white light emanates. Just like light, the seven chakra lions in our children’s book each have their own powers - but together, they create the most glorious inner rainbow.

About the Author

Highly dedicated and passionate, Arika Modupe’ Trimnell is a spiritual and mindfulness professional who aims to help others heal from the past, align with the present, and surface profound clarity to build a wonderful, empowering future. As the founder of Prism Vibes, Arika has an extensive background when it comes to religious teachings, inner activation, and soul realignment and enjoys leveraging that to guide purpose seekers just like you towards living a life filled with purpose and happiness.

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