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Teach your child about the Chakras with the help of the adorable Chakra lions!

• Perfect for both boys and girls off all ages
• Uses adorable characters and easy explanations to help kids understand the Chakras and build their personal rainbow
• Encourages children to harness their inner energy and shine their brightest!
• Makes a wonderful teaching tool for parents and educators to spark valuable conversations about Chakras
• And makes a creative gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, holidays, special occasions and more


What are Chakras and why they can help your child?

Chakras are energy centers, are associated with the physical, mental, and emotional health of a person. They are connected to our nerves, vital organs and affect our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Often when our emotions are out of balance, these chakras become blocked or unbalanced, which can manifest as illness, aches, or pains in the body. It’s important to know which Chakras are which and how we can balance them. When unblocked and balanced, the chakra helps kids with emotional regulation and build resiliency by increasing their sense of belonging, feeling secure in their bodies and themselves, and increasing feelings of worthiness.

What are you waiting for to introduce your child to the world of Chakra?

If you’re searching for the best way to introduce your child to the world of Chakras, then look no further! These fun Chakra lions will show your child how to become in-tune with their spiritual energy and start building a beautiful rainbow of color.

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A book for children and adults

The truest hero is already inside of us - whether we deeply sense it deeply or just catch a glimpse. Reminding children and adults that the superpowers they yearn for are already within them, our book is a fun, exciting way to discover and learn the power of chakras. Our bodies are a temple of safety, love, and purpose - but it often takes some guidance to understand how to tune into it. Featuring a story with a lion representing each of our chakra points, this book is a perfect gift for any curious soul.

What parents and educators are saying?

Fun characters, rhythmic language, and bright pictures makes this a good choice for an interactive read aloud book"

- Kim

Every child needs this book to help them navigate these uncertain times.

- Sara

Even as an adult I felt truely empowered reading this book.

- Aaron

This is just what children need today, a way to deal and express their emotions in a positive way

- Victora

Absolutely love this book! Great way to help children identify and deal with social-emotional issues.

- Anita

My grandchild loves when I read Chakra Pride to her. She loves the color pages and the rhythms.

- Sandy

The book came promptly and was wrapped in the most beautiful tissue paper. Is is a beautiful book and my kids love it!

- Jen

More kids need to read books like these.

- Yolanda

Children's Book
Children reading Book
Chakra Pride - Building Resilience in Children
3-5 age Children's Book

10% of the Chakra Pride proceeds go to help create and sustain SEL mindfulness programs for children

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Are you ready to learn all about the Chakras?

Grab your copy now to get started!

chakra pride books

Chakra Pride

Children Book
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